Industrial Deafness Claim – £7000 Settlement

Mr McGloin brought his work accident claim to Mulderrigs after a lifetime of working as a sheet metal worker had left him with industrial deafness.

After leaving school in 1978, Mr McGloin found employment as a sheet metal worker but was provided with no hearing protection and was given no warning about the health risks associated with prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Throughout his working life Mr McGloin was employed by several companies but the story was always the same. No hearing protection was provided and there wasn’t any thought given to what damage was being done to his hearing.

After being instructed on the claim Mulderrigs tracked down insurance details for each of Mr McGloins previous employers.

A report was obtained from a consultant Otolaryngologist as well as specialist head and neck surgeons who concluded that the Mr McGloin was indeed suffering from hearing loss in both ears.

Mr McGloin did not have any history of significant noise exposure except in his occupation and his description of exposure in this regard suggested a noise level that could cause injury to the cochlea.

After negotiating with insurers Mulderrigs then helped Mr McGloiin to recover £7000 in compensation.