london cyclist accident

Hit And Run Cycling Accident – £120000 Settlement

Marvin Harrison from Oldham asked us to deal with his hit and run cycling accident claim.

He was cycling home from his mum’s house in Manchester late one evening when the accident happened.

Marvin had good lights on his bike.

But as he approached a bend a car came in the opposite direction on the wrong side of the road and ploughed into him.

The next thing Marvin can remember is waking up in hospital.

Hit And Run Claims To The Motor Insurers Bureau

Police made enquiries after the accident but the careless driver couldn’t be found.

So Marvin had to bring his claim against the Motor Insurers Bureau.

The Motor Insurers Bureau is government scheme to compensate people who are injured by uninsured or untraced drivers.

Claims to the Motor Insurers Bureau can be very difficult.

So it is essential to get advice from an experienced solicitor.

Mulderrigs have dealt with lots of claims involving the Motor Insurers Bureau.

So we were happy to represent Marvin on “no win no fee” terms.

We notified the Motor Insurers Bureau and they began an investigation.

Once they had completed the investigation they accepted that an untraced driver was responsible for the accident.

The Medical Evidence In Marvin’s Injury Claim

Marvin suffered a fractured left knee as a result of the accident.

He had to undergo surgery to insert metalwork into the injured knee.

And the injury left him with long term problems.

So we obtained a medical  report from a knee specialist.

Once the Motor Insurers Bureau saw this evidence they entered into negotiations with us.

Marvin accepted an offer of £120000 in settlement of his claim.