Hair Damage Claim – Hair Relaxer Error – £4400 Settlement

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Greta McAllister asked us to deal with her hair damage claim following an error by her hairdresser with a hair relaxer.

Greta is a council worker in her fifties from the Birmingham  area.

She has Afro hair which she regularly has relaxed.

But when she went to a new salon she ended up having a disaster.

She had a brief consultation with the hairdresser about undergoing a relaxer treatment.

But no tests were performed and there was no discussion about the condition of Greta’s hair or her history of previous treatments.

Greta had the relaxer treatment and her hair initially seemed okay.

But over a short period her hair became dry and frizzy and started snapping off.

It looked such a mess that even her work colleagues commented on it.

The Law On Hair Damage Claims

Hairdressers have a legal duty to take care for the safety of their clients – especially when using dangerous products like hair relaxers.

But suing a hairdresser is a complicated business, so it is important to instruct a solicitor with the right experience of these cases.

Joanne Smith had dealt with several hundred successful claims against negligent hairdressers,  and she agreed to take on Greta’s case.

The success of hair claims is also dependent on getting helpful evidence from a trichologist (a hair expert).

In Greta’s case the trichologist was concerned as to what products had been used.

He suspected that the hairdresser had used a product containing formaldehyde, which is a banned because it can be so harmful.

The trichologist criticised the salon’s  failure to conduct a proper consultation before going ahead.

He also criticised the hairdresser for failing to carry out any tests on Greta’s hair.

The expert said it would take 2 -3 years for Greta’s hair to return to normal.

The salon’s insurers denied liability.

So we issued court proceedings on Greta’s behalf.

Once the solicitors for the salon saw the expert evidence they agreed to deal with the claim.

Greta then accepted a settlement offer of £4400.

(We have changed the name of our client and used a stock image to protect her privacy).

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Jo Smith talks about hair claims on Youtube - mulderrigs solicitors

Jo Smith talks about hair claims on YouTube