Hair Damage Claim – A Wedding Postponed!

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Jean Royal consulted Mulderrigs with a hair damage claim which led to the postponement of her wedding.

She had been getting her long hair bleached blonde for many years without any problems.

Her normal hairdresser had been touching up her roots every six weeks or so.

Touching up roots is a very delicate and potentially dangerous task.

Because if powerful hair bleach is applied to hair that has already been bleached it can cause irreparable damage.

The hairdresser got bleach on to hair that had already been treated which weakened the hair and caused it to snap off.

Jean’s hair was so badly damaged that she had to have her lovely long hair cut very short.

She could no longer have it dyed blonde and had to let it grow back in its natural dark brown colour.

As a result of all the damage to her hair Jean postponed her wedding.

The Claim Against The Negligent Hairdresser

Hairdressers doing this kind of work have a legal duty to take care for the safety of their clients.

But in this case an inexperienced new hairdresser started at the salon and made a dreadful mess of the overlapping.

We took on Jean’s case against the negligent hairdresser and agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

The success of hair claims usually rests on the expert evidence of a trichologist (an expert  in hair damage)

In Jean’s case the trichologist delivered a report confirming that all the damage was due to the hairdresser overlapping the bleach.

But the insurers for the hairdresser still denied any liability.

So we issued court proceedings.

We also prepared a very detailed statement of Jean’s evidence.

The insurers agreed to negotiate as the case was approaching trial.

Jean then accepted an offer of £9,500 in settlement of her claim.

(We have changed the name of our client and used a stock image to protect her privacy).

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Jo Smith talks about hair damage claims on Youtube - mulderrigs solicitors

Jo Smith talks about hair damage claims on Youtube