Claim For Missed Limitation Date – £8000 Settlement

Miss Rosaria asked us to deal with her solicitors negligence claim after a bungling lawyer missed a crucial limitation date.

She is a Brazilian lady who came to the UK to work as a cleaner in a private house in London.

Miss Rosaria suffered a back injury when a tumble drier fell off a worktop and hit her.

She consulted a local solicitor about a personal injury case but he missed the critical three-year “limitation” date for starting a court action.

So Miss Rosaria then instructed some new lawyers to pursue a Professional Negligence claim against the original solicitor.

But amazingly these new lawyers did nothing for six years and she lost her right to pursue that claim too!

It was clear that the second lawyers had been negligent so we took on the claim against their insurers, and helped our client recover £8,000 in compensation.