Building Site Accident – £80000 Settlement

Keith James was badly injured in a building site accident.

Some granite kerbs fell from a pallet when they were being delivered to the site because they weren’t being unloaded safely, and Keith was crushed.

He sustained a fracture to his right femur and his heel, and had to undergo surgery to insert metalwork.

Keith also had injuries to his left knee and left wrist.

He was in hospital for a couple of weeks and then away from work for 12 months.

Keith’s employers were clearly in breach of their duty to operate a safe system of work.

So Mulderrigs took on the claim on Keith’s behalf.

We sent a detailed Letter of Claim and the insurers quickly admitted liability for the accident.

Lots of expert medical evidence was prepared in relation to Keith’s injuries and we then brought court proceedings.

The insurers agreed to negotiate with us as the case was approaching a trial.

We recently helped Keith settle his claim for £80000.