Broken Leg Football – £22000 Settlement

Mulderrigs acted for Mr Bishop after he suffered a broken leg at football.

The Incident

Mr Bishop suffered the injury during a Sunday League match in Derbyshire.

An opposing player lunged in with a reckless challenge during the second half of the game.

The referee issued a red card for Serious Foul Play (FIFA Laws Of The Game – Law 12).

The Injury

Mr Bishop suffered a fractured tibia and severe damage to his knee ligaments.

He was taken to hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery.

Mr Bishop was bed-ridden for several weeks after the operation.

He was unable to return to his job for months after the injury.

The Claim

We have won over 100 claims for injured footballers, so we were happy to help in this case, and we were happy to work on “no win no fee” terms.

The referee gave us a helpful statement.

Mr Bishop’s team mates and various other witnesses also provided evidence in support of the case.

The insurers for the offending player admitted liability once they saw all this evidence.

We then delivered expert medical evidence about Mr Bishop’s injury.

Mr Bishop accepted an offer of £22,000 in compensation for his injury and loss of earnings.

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