Hair Damage Claim – Balayage Error – £3500 Settlement

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Lorna Chester from Oldham asked us to represent her in a hair damage claim following a balayage error.

She had dyed black hair and decided she wanted to go lighter.

So she spoke to her regular salon and they advised her to have a full head of highlights and lowlights in a blended Balayage style.

But the hairdresser didn’t carry out any skin tests or strand tests before going ahead even though they knew Lorna’s hair was already dyed.

Lorna notice that her hair was very dry after the procedure so she returned to the salon for a conditioning treatment.

But her hair was so damaged that it was snapping off and nothing could be done to improve it.

The Law On Claims For Hair Damage

All hairdressers have a legal duty to take care for the safety of their clients, especially when using powerful colours.

Clients who have their hair damaged by a negligent stylist can often claim compensation for the damage.

So we agreed to represent Lorna on “no win no fee” terms.

But hair damage claims are difficult.

So we needed to get helpful evidence from a trichologist (a hair expert).

In Lorna’s case the expert was very critical of the fact that no tests were performed.

The expert said that any competent hairdresser should have known that it is very risky to try to lighten hair which was dyed so dark.

He confirmed our suspicion that the hairdresser should have tested Lorna’s hair before going ahead.

We notified the salon that Lorna intended to claim compensation.

But the insurers for the salon denied liability.

They said they had performed the correct tests.

They also suggested that Lorna had applied other products to her hair after leaving their salon.

But our hair expert made it very clear that the damage had been caused by the hairdresser’s treatment.

So we issued court proceedings on Lorna’s behalf.

We made various offers to try and settle the claim.

But the insurers for the salon refused to negotiate and even suggested that Lorna should drop the claim.

The insurers had a change of heart just a week or so before the trial and accepted Lorna’s offer to settle the claim for £3500.

(We have changed the name of our client and used a stock image to protect her privacy).

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Jo Smith talks about balayage hair damage claims on Youtube

Jo Smith talks about balayage hair damage claims on Youtube