Claim For A Fall At Work – Fall From A Roof – £500000 Settlement

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Matt Jamieson asked us to represent him in a major claim claim for a fall at work.

He was injured he fell from the roof of a farm building in Somerset where he was working.

Matt was sent to work on the high roof of a farm building.

But he had never been  given any training for working at height.

And he wasn’t provided with a suitable working platform.

Matt ended up falling from the roof and he suffered a serious head injury.

Why Choose Mulderrigs For An Accident At Work Claim

Making a claim for a fall from a roof  at work can be a complex business.

So it is important to choose an experienced solicitor.

Mulderrigs have recovered millions of pounds in claims for injured workers.

The Law On Claims For A Fall From Height

All employers have a legal duty to take care for the safety of their workers.

And there are strict regulations covering a claim for a fall from a roof.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 are intended to protect the safety of workers when working at any height above two metres.

It seemed clear to us that Matt’s employers were in breach of the regulations.

So we took on the claim against his employers.

We sent a detailed Letter of Claim to the insurers.

The insurers quickly admitted that the employers were responsible for the accident.

We then obtained detailed expert medical evidence about Matt’s injuries.

Detailed calculations were also prepared setting out details of Matt’s loss of earnings and other financial losses.

We then issued court proceedings on Matt’s behalf.

As the case was approaching a trial the insurers entered into negotiations with us.

Following those negotiations Matt accepted an of around £500000 in settlement of his claim.

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